Cultured Marble Tubs

Cultured Marble Tubs


Stone Soaking Bathtubs

Our Stone Soaking Tubs are all you need to create a serene and tranquil bathing experience. The cool, rich look of Marble isn't just for the countertop. You can have it in the bathroom and enjoy the quality and sophistication which high-end stone brings to a home. Purchasing a Stone Soaking Tub for your home will increase the value, make a worthwhile investment in your home with "Affordable Elegance" from The Tub Connection.

What is Cultured Marble?

The "Washington" and the "Jefferson" soaking tubs are made of Cultured Marble. Cultured Marble is made of ground-up marble dust mixed with liquid polyester resin which forms an attractive and durable product. It's lighter than natural marble so it can be installed in any home without fear of weight issues. Since the tubs are made of real marble, they look and feel like any other marble product. The "Washington" Stone Soaking Tub is a Pedestal Cultured Marble Double Slipper Tub . Both ends of the cultured marble bathtub sweep up to create the most elegant and highly sought after style of tub. The "Jefferson" is a 71-inch Pedestal Double Ended Oval Stone Soaking Tub. There are 16 inches of water which will soothe over-worked muscles at the end of the day. Stress may be relieved by soaking in a tub of warm water and adding essential oils helps to create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes healing.

Each of these freestanding stone tubs has been molded without faucet holes or overflow holes. No overflow hole means you get the maximum benefit of deep soaking water. Freestanding Plumbing will need to be installed to get water into the tub. The Tub Connection has freestanding tub fillers in many different styles. The two most popular are the Gooseneck Faucet and the Classic Telephone Faucet. Both will complement the look of the Stone Soaking Tubs. Additionally, we suggest a Lift & Turn Drain which is a simple, inexpensive drain assembly used to eliminate wastewater from the tub.

Consider using the Island Tub Drain to install the tub directly over the drain hole in your home. 

You will find these freestanding Stone Tubs are cultured marble and they are in our Soaking Tub category. These models all provide a deep water bathing experience. The Japanese Tub is made of copper and comes with a copper bench seat inside. Our Swedish Tubs and our Wood Tubs have an 18-inch water capacity. 

Who You Gonna Call?

You may not have thought you could find such beautiful Made in the USA tubs, but you did. If you are ready to place your order or if you have questions about these or any other tubs, you can call our toll free number 877.795.5684 and ask all the questions you like. Our friendly staff is available and after you have all your questions answered, we can take your order right over the phone. Call today at (877) 795-5684.