Slipper Pedestal Tubs

Slipper Pedestal Tubs


Slipper Pedestal and Free Standing Bathtubs

Freestanding Pedestal Slipper Tubs are in a class by themselves. With the beautiful high raised slipper at one end (or both), a freestanding pedestal tub creates an elegant look which no other tub can match.  Available in cast-iron and acrylic tub styles, slipper pedestal, and modern freestanding tubs are sure to enhance the look of your bathroom and will give you hours of relaxation. 

Of all the Victorian or vintage style bathtubs, the Slipper design is the most popular. In the search for the perfect tub for your bathroom you will find there are two types of slipper tubs; the Single and the Double Slipper.

One end of the Single Slipper tub sweeps up creating incredible support for the back and head. The other end of the tub is the low end where the feet are placed in the bath. The Slipper end on some tubs can sweep up a full six inches and it is a very graceful appearance. A Double Slipper describes two ends which sweep up for extended support and relaxation.

The drain for the wastewater is always at the low end of the slipper tub. Above the drain hole on the bathtub wall will generally be a hole for the overflow assembly. The overflow is how the water is released if the faucet should be left on and the water fills up to the top edge of the tub. The overflow hole directs the water down the overflow pipe and out the drain hole. The low end of the tub is also where the faucet is placed. Some bathtubs have faucet holes directly onto the rim of the tub. If your choice of tub doesn't have any faucet holes on it, take a look at our freestanding or bathroom wall faucets. A freestanding faucet is placed next to the tub so the water can flow from the faucet into the tub. A freestanding faucet has water supply lines which connect to the in-home water lines in the floor. If the water lines are in the bathroom wall, no worries, choose a bathroom wall faucet.  

Remember, all of our Pedestal and Freestanding Slipper Tubs include Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States.