Tub Wall Mounted Faucets


Choose from our inventory of elegant tubs and faucets to accessorize your beautiful bathroom. If your freestanding tub requires a bathtub wall faucet you have come to the right place! We have a quality selection of bathtub wall faucets. "Bathtub Wall" identifies where the faucet is to be placed on the tub. Victorian Style Clawfoot Bathtubs which have two holes on the inside of the wall (not the rim of the tub) require this type of faucet. Specialty water lines are used to connect to the faucet-stem in order to supply the hot and cold water.

For this type of freestanding tub, a popular style we have the Classic British Telephone with Handheld Shower. The British Telephone faucet puts out 10 gallons of water per minute. That amount of water fills up a tub very quickly. When purchasing a faucet, there is a choice of the type of handles; choose between metal cross handles with white ceramic hot|cold tabs or plain metal lever handles. 

Another style is the English Telephone Gooseneck Faucet. This may be a bit more contemporary looking, however, the handheld shower sprayer in its cradle creates the look of a Vintage or Victorian design. Like the British Telephone, the Gooseneck faucet has handle options: such as white porcelain levers with hot - cold stamped in black, simple metal levers or metal cross handles, all in the same finish as the faucet. For tubs with holes on the rim of the tub, we also carry the deckmount style of tub faucets and for tubs with no faucet holes we have bathroom wall faucets.

Choose from several styles for the perfect tub faucets. For ordering or questions, call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at our Toll-Free number (877)795-5684. When you call, ask about our FREE SHIPPING on all products.