Classic Pedestal Tubs

Classic Pedestal Tubs



Our Classic Pedestal and Free Standing Bath Tubs are bathtubs that are not attached to the wall. Some tubs are only appealing on one side and the other 3 sides are essentially "unfinished" as they are to be put directly on the bathroom wall so just the one side is seen. Pedestal bathtubs are freestanding because they are made to stand in the bath room where ever you want. As long as you have actually offered drain in your building and construction initiatives, after that your pedestal tub can be put where you desire. Some Pedestal Bathtubs have an access panel on what would certainly be thought about the back or rear end of the tub. The majority of bath tubs have an overflow assembly which stops the water from overrunning into the flooring if a faucet is left on. Some pedestal designs have the overflow hole inside the gain access to the panel so it does make the look of the back of the tub much less eye-catching compared to the "front" of the tub.


The Tub Connection has Pedestal bathtubs in Acrylic, Cast Iron, Stone, Copper and Wood.  Pedestal free standing bathtubs are all categorized together, however, there are numerous distinctions so it can be difficult understand where to start. A pedestal tub can be all one piece. Some bathtubs are set on an ornamental base   Each of these bathtubs will certainly produce a design statement from conventional, modern-day, vintage and rustic. All these style styles are presently in style! The day we live in allows for your individual preference to be displayed. Yes, there are still fads in the fashion world, but you can create your own style.


The pedestal slipper and double slipper tub is a great picture of lovely, art-inspired tubs. The slipper tub is a tub that is elevated on one end of the tub, permitting a single person to recline in the tub. A double slipper tub is a bathtub where both ends of the tub sweep up and 2 individuals to recline in the tub; a single person can recline at either end. When it comes to a single slipper the faucet and all other plumbing will usually go to the blunt end or non-slipper end of the tub. The non-slipper end of the tub is normally where the drain hole is placed and positioning the faucet over the drain hole makes sense. A Double Slipper Tub will certainly have the drain hole in the facility of the tub and perhaps balanced out away or the various other. The faucet for a double finished slipper tub should be in the center of the tub to ensure that the water streams right into the tub quickly if there are 2 individuals in the tub. Additionally, due to the fact that when it comes to a deckmount faucet the holes will be on the rim of the tub. When it comes to a single slipper tub a flat spot at the low end of the tub might have openings pre-drilled in it for a deckmount faucet.

Your desire to have a tub that can't be found at your local big-box-store shows you have a broader design sense. You found us because you are willing to surf the web looking for the perfect tub. We have seen the same things you have at our local stores. There may be one beautiful tub on display, but you can't take one home with you. A lovely tub must be ordered by them and then drop shipped from someplace else. Our suggestion to you is to eliminate the box-store and order directly from us. We will speak directly to you and make sure that your tub is all you want it to be. 

We can also supply you with the faucet and other plumbing fixtures that are required with these specialty tubs. Again, you will most likely not find the appropriate vintage style faucets nor the exposed plumbing in the local store. 

As you review the tubs and faucets on this site, just add the items to the cart and continue shopping until you are totally satisfied with every item, then you can check out. If you prefer, you can call us and speak with one of our associates. They will answer all of your questions regarding the tub, faucets, plumbing, etc and any questions you have regarding shipping, returns, etc.

Our toll free number is 877-795-5684. When you call you get to speak with a real person. We know that is important since simple questions take only a  moment to ask and answer, so why go through an automated que pressing buttons for your language. Just dial our number 877-795-5684 and we will be here for you.