Vanities by Sink or Countertop Style

Vanities by Sink or Countertop Style




Vanity Countertops have to be made of strong, durable, stain resistant materials so they can be cleaned frequently and maintain their original appearance. Porous or delicate surfaces will not work in the bathroom.

Materials such as Granite and Marble are ideal for bathroom countertops since they are smooth, non-porous ad they can stand up to the heat and humidity in the bathroom.   This type of stone must be prepared with a sealer in order to repel  any greasy substances like, hair care products, etc.

Other surfaces that may be used are man-made faux finishes that look and feel like stone, but are less expensive and are often scratch and heat resistant. There are many engineered products to choose form and most will serve you well.

Tile is a great look for the bathroom, but it does require some maintenance such as routine cleaning and possible resealing of grout lines. However, there are many colors of ceramic tiles that can be used.

Natural wood makes for an incredibly beautiful countertop. The wood grains can be seen under the heavy polyurethane coatings and if your style will allow it, a bathroom with a wood countertop is certainly an interesting and beautiful option. To go along with several countertop options, there  is a plethora of sink styles to choose from. 


Sinks can be a basin or bowl type that sits down into the vanity cabinet. Another common name for this type of sink is an undermount, as it mounts under the countertop. Basin or bowl sinks are often made of porcelain or something very similar. It is smooth, nonporous and maintains the shine and color almost forever. 

When Vessel Sinks made their appearance on the home scene, style options became absolutely unlimited. Vessel sinks are made of glass, copper, porcelain, wood and stone, like marble and granite from all over the world.  There are faux stone vessel sinks that are very good imitations of the original products.

Vessel sinks can look like a curved bowl sitting atop a vanity. The can be deep or shallow, tall or short, wide, square or rectangular. Vessel sinks may have smooth, straight lines or curved, wavy lines. There may be embellishments such as fleur de lis on the outside or inside of the sink.

Color is another option when considering a vessel sink. There is no limit to the color palatte that is available for a sink, particularly a glass sink. Many glass sinks are made of tempered glass that may or may not be frosted. Additionally, a huge number of vessel sinks are very thick glass that can withstand frequent use and cleaning.

If you can imagine it, you will find it. The Tub Connection carries a very large selection of countertops and sinks and we will help you to create the bathroom of your dreams


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