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Tubs By Size


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We have every style and size of bathtub so that you can successfully design any bathroom anywhere. If your room is small don't think you can't have one of our amazing bathtubs. Our freestanding tubs really do come in big and small sizes. Please choose a category to get started and see what kind of "Affordable Elegance"  The Tub Connection can bring to you and your home.

What Are Tub Sizes?

The Tub Connection takes customer service very seriously. We want to have everything you can ever want in a bathtub at your fingertips on the pages of our online catalog. As you look at the different styles of tubs, you will notice that we have divided them into different categories in order to make it simple for you to make a decision. In this section, we have tubs ranging in sizes from a 48-inch to a large 80-inch tub. 

As you look at the different Bathtubs by Size, one thing you will notice is that each size category will include cast iron, acrylic, copper, wood and stone tubs. The description of each of the tubs will include pictures of the tub, features specific to the tub such as if it is cast iron, acrylic, etc, is it a clawfoot or pedestal, if it has faucet holes or not. There is a lot of helpful information that you will find useful in making the decision of which tub to purchase. Remember that you can add a Plumbing Package or Plumbing Combo to our bathtubs regardless of the size of the tub.

Should you choose to add a plumbing package to your tub selection, you will discover that the faucet, supply lines, and drain assembly will be a perfect fit and complement for your tub. Additionally, need-to-know information is that our faucet plumbing packages are discounted. Think of buying apples at the grocery store, you can buy a bag of apples for a lesser amount than if you choose single apples. The concept is the same. Take a look at our tub faucet packages and you are sure to find one you love and remember that it will be a perfect fit.

Tub Styles

Our selection of custom bathtubs for sale is larger than many companies have, and that is because we understand that every homeowner has different needs based on the size of their bathroom and the look they desire for the room. Among our selection of clawfoot and pedestal tubs, you will also find walk-in tubs, circular tubs, square tubs, and hexagon tubs all in varied sizes for your convenience. You want to make the best use of your space and we want to be the company that you choose to help with the furnishing of your bathroom.

Give Us A Call

Here at The Tub Connection, we are proud to offer a variety of bathtub sizes to fit in your home and budget. We are striving to make your shopping experience easier, so select a category above to start your search! Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance, but" we also offer a better shopping experience! We will always make sure when you call into The Tub Connection you actually speak with someone. You will never speak with someone who is just a message taker. Our customer representatives are the same people who go out into the warehouse to look at a tub while they are answering your questions. We intend to treat you the way we like to be treated when we are purchasing products. 

Contact us at 877.795.5684 so that we can answer all of your questions and walk you through placing your order  If you are tech-savvy, feel free to place your order online and within just a few days you will be notified when your tub ships and the expected arrival date.

Please take time to review each of the category sections on our site, we have a large inventory of 

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