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Pedestal Tubs & Freestanding Bathtubs By Style

Our selection of pedestal tub & freestanding tub styles for your home is perfect for those who demand quality at affordable prices. We offer Acrylic Freestanding Tubs and Pedestal Tubs as well as Cast Iron Freestanding Tubs & Pedestal Bathtubs

Pedestal Tubs - Elegant and Ready for Your Home

Pedestal Bathtubs are perfect for those looking for a classic style while still maintaining a modern look. We offer these in a slipper, double slipper, or double-ended style. Each style is elevated on a decorative base. Some models have the base and tub together as one unit while other models may have the bathtub and pedestal as two separate units which are joined at installation. The Tub Connection offers Cast Iron Pedestal Bathtubs and Acrylic Pedestal Tubs, as well as Stone, and Copper tub models. You are sure to find the one that is perfect for your home.

Free Standing Tub and Shower

All of Our freestanding tub models are grouped together but there are some important differences to be aware of. A pedestal tub may be molded as one piece while some tubs sit on a decorative base.  The day we live in is a fashion mecca! Your personal taste is acceptable and "in style." 

Some prefer the vintage style of tubs and others have a modern design style. We have both in our inventory so we can satisfy everyone. Since plumbing is necessary for the bathroom, our inventory also includes vintage-style faucets and exposed plumbing as well as very contemporary faucets and fixtures. We intend to be your one-stop shop for all your bathroom furnishings.

Find 60" Freestanding Tubs and Bigger!

The slipper pedestal tub and double-ended pedestal tub are fine illustrations of beautiful art-inspired bathtubs. The slipper tub is raised up on one end of the tub, allowing one person to recline in the tub. A double slipper tub is a bathtub when both ends of the tub sweep up allowing 2 persons to recline in the tub or for one person to recline at either end. In the case of a single slipper, the faucet and other plumbing will typically be at the low end or non-slipper end of the tub. A Double Slipper Tub will have a drain hole in the center of the tub and may be offset to one side. The faucet for a double-ended slipper tub will be in the center of the tub so that the water can flow into the tub easily if there are two people in the tub. Modern Freestanding Tubs may have a more rectangular shape with squared corners but they have deep water and are great for soaking.

Choose from the Classic British Telephone or the English Gooseneck Faucet. Each of these also includes a handheld shower. These styles are available for tubs with no faucet holes on freestanding faucets, holes on the rim of the tub for deckmount faucets, and holes on the tub-wall for the faucet.  We also have Roman Tub fillers that look fantastic on the tub. Most faucets include a handheld showerhead or shower wand. 

We are proud to offer a variety of tub and shower options for your home. We are striving to make your shopping experience easier, so select a category above to start your search! Not only do we provide"Affordable Elegance, but" we also offer a better shopping experience! Our customer representatives are available to answer your questions and to walk you through the process of ordering your tub, faucet, and other bathroom products.

If you are having trouble, or cannot find what you are looking for on our site, feel free to always contact our helpful and friendly sales team, TOLL-FREE: 877-795-5684.

Freestanding tubs with deck mount faucets available