Walk-In Tubs


Walk-in Tubs are a tub design that was futuristic and so needed in our culture of go go go! When some people hear the words "Walk-in tubs " their mind's eye automatically sees an elderly person gingerly stepping into the tub on feeble legs.

That imagery is all wrong! Walk-in tubs are a useful way to provide bathing for powerful people who may intend to care for themselves for as long as possible.

Why a Walk-in Tub?

In reality, there are many reasons why someone would want to buy a walk-in tub. Anyone who is long-sighted enough to know that we age every day and because mankind is living to a more advanced age, we may all want to invest in a walk-in tub. Planning for our future is wise in anyone's eyes. Anyone with a permanent or even a temporary disability that makes it difficult to lift their legs would appreciate having one of these tubs in the bathroom. Back and shoulder issues is another reason someone might want to invest in a walk-in bathtub. Legs may work fine but an injury to the upper body can cause a person to be unbalanced physically.

Pulse Hydro-Massage Jets!

Having a walk-in tub in one of the bathrooms at home is a real benefit and will increase the value of a home.  Many of our modern walk-in tubs for sale are whirlpool jetted tubs so they really are therapeutic, moving water helps to increase circulation in injured or older legs. Having pulse hydro-massage jets will refresh you at the end of the day. The walk-in tub units have a handheld shower for those who feel they need fresh water to finish off the bath. These tubs come in left hand and right hand swinging doors so they will fit into any space. They all come with adjustable leveling legs for easy installation.

A stylish faucet is often included along with an anti-scald thermostatic control valve and diverter valve. We want to make the installation of your new tub as simple as possible. Once you step into your new walk-in tub you can sit down on the comfortable seat and fill the tub. The tub fills very quickly so your hydrotherapy starts when the water comes on. There are massage jets that will shoot water onto the back and the legs. These trouble spots will be massaged so that blood flow will be directed to those areas and healing is promoted. Purchasing a walk-in tub is like having preventative therapy in the home.

Since you have to get into the tub prior to the water being added, it is good to know that the water fills up the tub very quickly. The door that opens to step into the tub is a wide 18.25 inches. There will never be an issue stepping in through the door into the tub. The door swings outward into the room. The doors are acrylic and come with a replaceable "W" type door seal for your convenience.

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Got Questions?

If you have decided that you want to buy a Walk-in Tub but you have some questions, you can call us at (877) 795-5684 Toll-Free and speak to someone who will have answers to all of your inquiries. You will be speaking to a real person who will take your order and fill you in on all of the shipping details and the expected date you will receive your walk-in tub. Don't hesitate. Call today and get your order processed for speedy delivery.