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Find the bathroom vanity that is perfect for your home. These vanities come in sizes from 37" to 49" and are available in a wide range of styles, types, and colors. As you browse our selection of bathroom vanities, feel free to call us toll-free (877) 795-5684 to order or ask questions. Our vanities normally ship within a few business days and are delivered to your home with lift-gate service.

We wish to make it as simple as possible for you to purchase the right vanity for your room. As you can see we listed our vanities by specific sizes so with a simple look, you will be able to see just how compact or also see how large a vanity might be.

Room Size Is Important 

Although there are "usual" sizes for the vanity, not all vanities are constructed with the same quality. Determine the dimensions of your current vanity then you will know what size is needed in your room. Several styles of vanities are available in small sizes and the same style is available in larger size. This is good info to bear in mind in case you fall in love with a larger dual sink vanity. If you are trying to find a really odd-size of vanity, you need to look closely on our vanity pages as you will probably find the most amazing bathroom vanity set for your home.

Confirm where your existing supply lines are in the room. That might establish what the size of cabinet you should purchase. Moving the water lines will greatly increase the costs significantly.

Next, you can decide if you need a cabinet and a countertop. Think about your storage requirements. How many drawers & doors will work for your family?

A new type of vanity the Wall-Mount. All wall-mounted vanities hang on the wall with no legs. This modern-day design allows for more room in a room.

If you need to create more floor space, a corner style vanity might be the best option for you. Corner bathroom vanities are designed to install flawlessly into the corner.

To find the perfect bathroom vanity, view them by Vanity StyleVanity TypeVanity Finish, Also, for those needing a bathtub or faucet you can also find them on this site.

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