Acrylic Tub Packages

Acrylic Tub Packages


Pedestal Bathtub & Freestanding Acrylic Clawfoot Tub Packages

Acrylic Tubs are beautiful, light-weight, easy to install, and affordable! We offer a wide selection of Pedestal Bathtubs and Acrylic Clawfoot Tub Packages for you to choose from. Each of our models is elegant and has been reinforced to create a durable soaking tub that you will enjoy for countless hours of relaxation.

Small Acrylic Tubs

A small tub may mean that the tub is 30 by 48 or 55 inches. It may have features such as a rolled rim and classic clawfeet. Acrylic Clawfoot tubs are simple, classic, and space-efficient. A smaller tub that is 30 by 60 inches may weigh in at approximately 125 pounds when empty. These tubs may have holes on the deck or rim of the tub or they make have a continuous rim with no holes.

Large Acrylic Tubs 

Large acrylic tubs are remarkably simple and are made of modern materials but in a vintage design. The larger tubs are 65 x 30 inches and can be found in clawfoot, slipper, double-ended, and pedestal designs. Our 65 - 70-inch tub category is unequaled because of our vast inventory and variety of tubs. Our acrylic slipper tubs have gently sloping ends, which offer support for the neck and back.  The clawfeet are also available in a variety of finishes, including chrome and white, brushed nickel, black, or oil rubbed bronze. Some tubs have holes for a deckmount faucet, and some have no holes and therefore, require a freestanding faucet.

Tub Package

Our tub and faucet packages have been put together for your convenience. We have put each of our faucets with our acrylic tubs so you can see how they look with the tub and you don't have to use your imagination. The tub package will include bathtubs with a faucet. For instance, if the tub has faucet holes on the rim or deck of the tub, then the faucet will be a deckmount style. When a tub has holes in the wall of the tub, then the package will include a faucet that is 3 3/8 inch spread, and when no holes the tub requires a faucet in the wall of the bathroom or freestanding faucets. For your pleasure, we have a large selection of cast iron tub and faucet packages.

The appropriate water supply lines, drain, and overflow assembly is also included. Our packages take the guesswork out of purchasing a tub and faucet package.

Ready to Purchase

Give us a call at 877.795.5684. Our helpful staff will answer all of your questions and they can take your order right over the phone. Don't hesitate to call. Your order will be processed ASAP and you will have your tub and faucet package in just a matter of days!

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