Fresca is a very reputable company, so we are happy to include their popular bathroom vanities along with our Tub Connection brand.  We appreciate that Fresca has paired some of their single sink vanities with one or two matching side cabinets. In each instance, the pairing will streamline the matching countertops and cabinet finish so it looks like a continuous piece of furniture. Adding a side cabinet increases the storage capability in the bathroom. Each side cabinet has three pull out type drawers and is constructed of plywood with veneer.

This popular brand of vanities is available with basin and vessel style sinks. Basin/undermount sinks sit below the countertop into the cabinet. Vessel sinks are installed on top of the countertop and look like a bowl sitting on top. Many Fresca sinks are made of quality ceramic and the vessel sinks look like an upside down pyramid. There are four trim sides which sit squarely on top of the countertop. Another consistent feature of Fresca bathroom vanities is the white countertop, matching white sink and brushed nickel hardware. 

Complete Sets

Many of the Fresca bathroom vanities are complete sets which include the cabinet, side cabinet(s), countertop(s), sink(s), p-trap, pop-up drain, and installation hardware. An added bonus offered with this brand is that they supply a compatible faucet list which the purchaser can use to find the single stem faucet which is most appealing to them. The options include modern and traditional styles as well as faucet finish options which may include brushed nickel, polished chrome and possibly oil rubbed bronze. 

The Torino vanity is very popular, however, there are other Fresca cabinets available as well. Corner and wall-hung are additional styles which are attractive and functional. Single sink glass and metal vanities add an industrial appearance which is trendy in today's homes. This brand includes contemporary red and white wall-hung vanities, traditional style floor-models and antique-look vanities. 

Top Quality

We feel Fresca bathroom vanities are a good fit with our brand. As you shop online, look at all of our vanity categories and you are sure to discover the one that is perfect for your home or business. Shipping is Free so you can stay in the budgeted amount with no surprises.

It is a good idea to read the product features listing in order to know what is and is not included with the purchase of the vanity. For any questions and/or to place an order call The Tub Connection at 877-795-5684.