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Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Traditional Style Bathroom Vanities are a very popular choice for many homes. We offer a large selection of traditional style bathroom vanities at special discount prices with Free Shipping. Most of our vanity models come complete with mirrors, plumbing and more. Browse our large selection of classic bathroom vanities and feel free to call us at our toll-free number for more information.

Bathroom Vanities Styles

Selecting a Bathroom Vanity can be a lot easier now that you have actually discovered The Tub Connection. We have every design, color, and size possible. Cruise through our site and you will see that we have actually vanities divided into various classifications for your practical watching.  Whatever your design, you will discover it here. Some classic bathroom vanities are made from strong wood, while others are made from composite products like MDF or plywood with a veneer overlay.Vanity Cabinets will have some kind of hardware to comprehend to open the drawers and doors. Usually, the doorknobs or pulls will be Brushed Nickel as that surface appears to blend in with all kinds of faucets.

Select Your Sink Style

The traditional vanity units will generally consist of a sink of some sort. A vessel sink is one that sits on top of the countertop. Some vessel sinks are taller than others, some are rounder, wider, more deep or shallow. When acquiring a vanity with a vessel sink, make sure to obtain a faucet that is tall enough for the water to stream into the sink. A vital piece of info is to understand how tall the vessel sink and the faucet are. A basin sink is one that sets down into the cabinet from the top of the countertop. Another name is for a basin sink is basin. The height of the faucet is not an issue when buying a vanity that has a basin sink. You can get imaginative with the faucet whether the sink is a vessel or a basin, by including a waterfall faucet to the vanity. The water waterfalls into the sink bowl in a more relaxing method.

What Is Your Preference?

The Countertop is sometimes an option in the purchase of a Vanity Set. Marble,  granite, porcelain and tempered glass are the most typical kinds of countertops. Each of these countertops can be discovered in various colors, nevertheless, porcelain is almost constantly white. Countertops in tempered-glass can be clear or frosted. If yours is clear and you choose frosted, or you are trying to find an upgraded appearance, a can of window frosting from The Home Depot will work. Make certain to check out the direction well and follow them precisely for the very best outcomes.

Classic Bathroom Vanities are set up as floor designs or wall designs. Vanities can be installed to the wall for a variety of factors. Floors that have a rough surface area like stone or brick might be somewhat un-level so a wall mounted vanity could be an option to keep the vanity level. Likewise, if the house owners are extremely tall or really brief, a wall mounted vanity enables the cabinet to be set up at whatever height the property owner desires. Vanities are readily available in a lot of various shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to list them all. There are corner vanities, stand vanities, double sink vanities, single sink vanities, There are long vanities with one sink and much shorter vanities with 2 sinks. Really picking a vanity is completely as much as the buyer.

Drawers and doors are a hot subject when it concerns the storage area in the room. Nowadays lots of vanity cabinets have soft close drawers which minimize the sound from knocking drawers and assists to extend the life of the wood. Some drawers have dovetail connections which many think is a high-quality drawer. Not all our vanities have this kind of drawers and they are extremely good quality and last as long or longer than those with the dovetail. As discussed previously, the doors and drawers often times has actually brushed nickel pulls on them. Considering that the brushed nickel finish is so popular and it appears to mix with well the majority of faucet finishes.

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