Other Tubs

Other Tubs


Miscellaneous Tubs And Showers

You will find this page very exciting. You can see some of our most unique Soaking Tubs and the most amazing showers that have ever been imagined!

Our on-staff artisan has created some impressive finishes for tubs. They are so popular that we have taken photos and published them on the pages of our online magazine.

Copper Faux Finish

You can see different tub styles with faux copper finishes on them. This is a designer tub that has had a complex painted process hand-applied to the tub. The faux copper finished tubs are some of our most popular tubs. Because it is a hand-painted no two are exactly the same. Our in-house artisan has perfected the process.

Custom Paint

If you have your heart set on something that you don't see listed be sure to let us know. We have painted tubs in many different colors and each time they are beautiful. You just need to choose the color from any Sherwin Williams and email the code to us. We will verify the code and order the paint. Once the paint arrives at our paint warehouse, the tub will be painted with color and clear coat to seal it. Then your new custom-designer tub will be shipped out to you.  

LED Steam Shower Whirlpool Bathtub?

Showers are refreshing.  We have big sunflower style shower heads that literally rains water on you and, get this, there are LED lights that illuminate the shower head and reflects in the flowing water! Color adds a totally new dimension to your shower time. You will never struggle to get the children to shower again. They will be lined up each night waiting their turn. You may have to fight your way to the front of the line!

Shower units are available for those who are doing a remodel or new installation of the shower. Have you ever imagined a unit with a Steam Shower Whirlpool Bathtub with six massage jets, a Rainfall Ceiling Showerhead, a hand-held shower, Aromatherapy system, steam sauna, ventilation fan and seating area all in ONE SHOWER? Well, we have it and more!

Our steam showers are totally enclosed and easily install directly into your home. There are so many different features that each enclosed shower has and they are all very beneficial for your health. There are some features that are just for fun. There are LED lights that create a fun and whimsical mood during the shower. Some other features are digital radio so you can listen to favorite tunes during the bath. Most of our shower enclosures have a rainfall type shower head and additional jets that pulse water on other areas of the body during the shower experience. Check us out and look at our beautifully useful tubs and showers.

Give us A Call

Fortunately, we have very friendly, knowledgeable staff, so you can give us a call at your convenience because you definitely have questions about all of these tubs and showers and all of the different options available for each. Call our toll free number 877 - 795 - 5684. Once you have answers to all of your questions we will be happy to take your order over the phone. Once your tub and or shower ships we will notify you and also include the estimated arrival date so you will be prepared to receive your new tub or shower.

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