Tub Packages

Tub Packages


Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Packages Including Plumbing

We have put together hundreds of different freestanding bathtub packages that include your favorite soaking tub and the plumbing package that suits your personal taste.

Many of our tubs come with options of clawfoot finishes of White, Black, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Another option is the type of faucet holes. The holes could be on the deck or rim of the tub, on the inside wall of the short end of the tub or perhaps, no holes, which then requires either free standing plumbing or a bathroom wall faucet. Most tubs will need a drain and overflow assembly so the wastewater can be moved out of the tub. However, some tubs don't have an overflow hole or the overflow assembly is already installed on the tub so a separate purchase isn't necessary. Tubs that don't require an overflow assembly will generally still require the purchase of a drain. In the features section, we will let you know if a separate purchase for a drain is necessary and give you a couple of different options of drains so you get one that works for your tub.

Your Soaker Tub Faucet Package Your Way

We want to anticipate the needs of our customers, so we have put together the popular styles of cast iron bathtubs and acrylic tubs with faucets into Freestanding Tub Packages, so it is easier for you to order your tub and plumbing. Also, it is an easy way for you to get everything you need in one order. You don't want to risk not having a necessary item on the installation day, as that can hold up the installation of your beautiful bathtub and plumbing. It is too exciting when the tub and plumbing package arrives to not be able to install it immediately and have a relaxing soak that same evening. Just imagine filling your new soaking tub up with warm water, bubbles and you! What a way to end a hectic day. Family and friends will want to come for a visit just so they can bathe in your luxurious tub.

Plumbing Package vs. Plumbing Combo

Keeping these options in mind we have created Plumbing Packages and Plumbing Combos. A Plumbing Package includes a tub, faucet, water supply lines, and drain & overflow assembly. A Plumbing Como includes a tub, faucet, and water supply lines. You may find that some faucets are classic telephone style, gooseneck style, Victorian or vintage design or something more modern. We have a Tub Package for everyone! 

Customization of Your Tub Package

As a reminder, our tubs can be personalized by painting the exterior of the tub to your specifications. It couldn't be any more simple. Pick your favorite Sherwin Williams, Behr or other brands of paint color, provide us with the color code and we will have our professionals mix your paint color and paint your tub. 

For Questions or to Order

Call today to order your tub 877.795.5684. The sooner you call, the sooner you have your tub and plumbing package.

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