"Accessory" is specified as "something that can be added to another thing in order to make it better, versatile or eye-catching. The Tub Connection recognizes the need of including those additional things in order to finish a total look in a space. We have numerous accessories that can be bought at really low prices that will add noticeable value to your house.


We have distinct styles of towel bars and toilet paper holders that resemble little works of art. Mounting our more uncommon, very useful towel bars & toilet tissue holders in your bathroom creates a more classy appearance. Your "taste" might change throughout the years, but fine, timeless home furnishings will never ever go out of fashion.


Copper & Metallics have found their way right into our houses. There is a brand-new admiration for copper because of the copper bronze patina & the warmth it adds to a space. The patina of copper adds a certain glow to a space given that the all-natural shades are deep tones. Copper is warmer & richer & will certainly complement neutral tones. The towel bars, paper holders, switch plate covers, pendant lights & lazy susans are only a few of the products you can discover right here.


There are a couple of points to think about when buying a toilet. 1) is quality, purchase a top quality toilet, since this is your only throne. 2) determine the size of the area in your bathroom to make sure of the area you need to install the toilet in. A standard "rough-in" dimension is twelve inches, but, commodes are also available in 10 to 14 inches so measure thoroughly. 3) The height is an essential factor to consider since the taller the toilet the simpler it is to sit on. 4) Flushing modern technology shows you have much water the toilet utilizes each flush. several of our low-flush commodes commonly utilize just 1.28 gallons of water each flush. 5) The number of flushes. A dual flush toilet has 2 buttons or handles or to flush varying quantities of water based upon just what has to be flushed from the toilet.


If you have purchased one of our absolutely outstanding freestanding bathtubs, you may want to have a look at the side-mount soap dish & baskets. We have them in several finishes to match the different colors in your bathroom. For hard to find products like grab bars, you have found the best place. The Tub Connection makes it our business to keep in stock every little thing you want for the bathroom.


Call The Tub Connection at 877-795-5684 to purchase your accessories & commodes. Ask them about Free Delivery.

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