Double Slipper Tubs

Double Slipper Tubs


Double Slipper Tubs

Double Slipper Tubs are very roomy and will create an amazing look for your bathroom! With two high-back ends, these beautiful tubs are not only elegant but are also very affordable. Available in both acrylic and cast-iron Slipper Tubs, double slipper tubs are perfect for those looking for an amazing spa-like experience in their own homes. We also have Double Slipper Tubs in Stone, Wood, and Copper. You are so fortunate to have found us!

Double Ended Slipper Tubs offer the most luxurious bathing experience of all. Each tub is quite spacious (often enough area for two) and has raised backs at both ends of the tub which enable you to lie back and relax as you enjoy unparalleled soaking pleasure. The double-ended slipper tub is one of the most glamorous looking of all the tubs. It is prestige and sophistication! What a vision!

So, You Have a Lot of Tubs?

We have a range of dual-ended slipper tubs for you to select from and they are offered in both a clawfoot and pedestal design, plus we offer our tubs in a several of dimensions for you to choose from. Our clawfoot and pedestal style are freestanding bathtubs, as they aren't connected to a wall. 

Double slipper tubs are the most glamorous because of the graceful sweeping up of the ends. You may have seen a current trend which places the bathtub in the center of a big master bath. 

The clawfeet on our double slipper tubs are available with your choice of finish such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze. And also, for those who want their tub customized, we can paint the tub any color single, solid color of your choosing. 

I Want One Now!

Browse through our Double Slipper Clawfoot Tubs and determine which tub you wish to buy then call our toll-free number 877-795-5684.  

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