Double Ended Pedestal Tubs

Double Ended Pedestal Tubs


Double Ended Pedestal Freestanding Tubs

Dual-Ended Pedestal Bath Tubs and Freestanding Bath Tubs are classically beautiful tubs that have captured the imagination of people all over the world and for generations.  Unlike the Rolled Rim tub which only leans or slopes out on one end, Double Ended (or Dual-Ended) Pedestal Tubs have a tub-wall that leans out on both ends of the tub, creating a perfect tub for reclining at either end. May double-ended tubs are big enough for two.


Large Double Ended Freestanding Bath


All Double-Ended Pedestal Tubs are created with the faucet holes in the middle of the bathtub on the rim of the tub. This faucet placement is important considering that both ends of the bathtub are available for maximum relaxation. This design is generally longer compared to the typical tubs, and they are offered in sizes of 60" to 72" long. This is quite a large tub compared to a modern drop-in tub. The double slipper is a tub that may be large enough for two people to bathe as well, so don't hesitate to consider sharing a bubble bath with someone. A big, beautiful, double-ended pedestal tub for two, your favorite music, and candlelight make for a romantic event any time you choose.

Other styles of tubs such as the Slipper Pedestal and Modern Freestanding Tubs are also available as both cast iron tubs and acrylic pedestal tubs.

A range of faucet designs is available for these types of tubs. It is very important to recognize which type of faucet you required prior to ordering.  Some faucets require deck holes in the rim of the bathtub, while others do not. Each of our tubs is available with plumbing packages offered for purchase. When you choose to get a pre-packaged tub and plumbing package, you will receive the tub, a faucet, a drain & overflow, and also water lines, all for a discounted price.

Customize Your Tub

Any of our tubs may be painted to satisfy your design style. Tubs may be painted any single, solid color which is not a metallic finish. Our Faux Copper Bronze application is the most preferred customization requested for our tubs. As always, your tub or tub and plumbing package will be delivered with no additional Shipping Fees throughout the lower 48 states in the USA. Also, purchases outside of the State of Missouri are exempt from any Sales Tax! So, make your selection now and you can be enjoying your new bathtub in just a few days! Sales Tax will apply if you live in Missouri.

If you order a tub and plumbing package from us, you can be assured that each item is high quality and very worth the investment you are making. We understand when you finally find the perfect tub it has to do more than look good, it needs to be quality-made and stand up under everyday use. We understand that most people will purchase very few bathtubs in a lifetime, therefore, every purchase counts. 

Our goal is to give you a great shopping experience so you will call us each time you need something for your bathroom. Our faucets and other plumbing fixtures are of the highest quality available. Many of our pedestal tubs require a specialty style of plumbing and it can be difficult to find. However, since you have found us, you will see that we have it all!

Call our courteous staff at 877-795-5684, this is a toll-free number where you speak with a real person. Our staff will answer all of your questions and we can take your order right over the phone. We understand the frustration that can occur when you call to ask a few simple questions and you get put into some automated loop that ties you up on the phone forever. We won't do that to you. Each call we process is handled by an actual person who works inside our own warehouse. You can speak with us about any details regarding any of the tubs, faucets, vanities, any items you are interested in for your home. Call us today and ask about our Free Shipping policy. Yes!, we do provide FREE SHIPPING to our customers in the Contiguous USA. If you live outside the lower 48 states, just let us know. We can let you know any shipping fees that apply. We will help you make the best decision about how to get your tub in the quickest and most economical way.

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