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Freestanding Bathtubs: 59" - 64"

We are positive that our variety of 59 to 64-inch freestanding bathtubs is bigger than anywhere else you look. We have hand-picked our freestanding bathtubs and placed them into the 59 to 64-inch category for the convenience of viewing.  You will find our bathtubs to be beautiful, functional and made of first-class materials. is your "go to" place for vintage and unique bathtub designs. Have a look at what "Affordable Elegance" looks like.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

We want to have everything you can ever want in a bathtub at your fingertips on the web pages of our online catalog.  As you check out the different styles of bathtubs, The Tub Connection takes care to truly treat our customers' needs seriously. In this section, we have tubs that vary in dimension from a 59-inch freestanding clawfoot, round, pedestal, acrylic, and cast iron tub to large Wood Double Ended Bathtub.

There are a lot of tubs by size between 59" and 64"  that you will certainly want to take a minute to search out on your own .As you check out the master bathroom tubs by size, one point you will certainly discover is that each size group will consist of cast iron, acrylic, copper, wood and stone bathtubs. The "Features" section of each of the tubs will consist of photos of the bathtub and additional information pertaining to the bathtub such as if it is cast iron, acrylic, wood, etc.  Is it a clawfoot or pedestal tub and does it have faucet holes or not. If so, where are they, on the edge or rim of the tub or the bathtub wall surface? We have provided so many valuable details concerning each tub to aid you in deciding which bathtub to buy. 

The options on the master bathroom tubs include the placement of faucet holes; perhaps holes on the tub wall or the rim of the tub. There are tubs without faucet holes. More options are the style of feet; look closely at the feet and see if they are Imperial Ball & Claw, Lion Paw, or Eagle Claw. A third option is the actual materials the tub is made of. We have tubs made of acrylic, cast iron, wood, and cultured marble.

Customization is another option for you. We will customize any tub you purchase with a single color of paint that you choose. Look at the Sherwin Williams color chips and once you choose the color, get it to us in an email and we will proceed with applying the paint and presenting you with the most perfect designer tub imaginable.  The claw feet on the tub can match the tub or you can choose a complementary color of chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, white or black. 

For larger tubs, take a look at our 65-70 inch Tubs.

Family or Master Bathroom

We'll mention again, that our sizeable selection of bathtubs varying from 59 inches to 64 inches is bigger than lots of business have, and that is because we recognize that every property owner requires different products based upon the size of their family or master bathroom area and the appearance they intend to create for the space. Among our variety of clawfoot and pedestal bathtubs; you will certainly also see that we have walk-in bathtubs, round tubs, square tubs as well as hexagon bathtubs, all in different dimensions for your comfort. Your desire to create the perfect bathroom in your house has sparked our desire to provide the biggest selection of family and master bathroom tubs so we can be the business that you choose to work with for the furnishings for your bathroom. Bear in mind that you can use the one-stop-shop for your bathtub, no matter the size of the tub.

We aim to make your buying experience simple, just select a category@The Tub Connection to begin your search! We don't only offer great tubs at great prices, we offer tubs that will create an air of sophistication in any room. You don't have to just look at lovely, highly designed bathrooms in magazines, you can have one. Clawfoot tubs are always the centerpiece of a bathroom. Get the tub and build the room around it. When you find the picture you want, order your tub and you are all but finished. 

We Are Ready To Take Your Order

Contact us at 877.795.5684 to make sure that we could address all of your concerns. If you are techno- savvy don't hesitate to add your order to the online cart and follow through to check-out. Within just a few days you will be informed that your tub has shiped and the expected arrival date.

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59 Inch Clawfoot Tubs

60 Inch Clawfoot Tubs

61 Inch Clawfoot Tubs