Classic Clawfoot Bathtubs

Classic Clawfoot Bathtubs


Traditional Clawfoot Tub



Classic Rolled Rim Clawfoot Tubs

With its four ornate feet and 3 inch rolled rim, this model of bathtub is what most people imagine when they consider a clawfoot tub. Rolled rim tubs are available in a variety of lengths and they can be purchased as long as sixty-seven inches or as short as forty-eight inches. Rolled rim tubs are the same height all the way around the tub. 

The "classic" clawfoot bathtub has one end which is slanted out. This is the end where one may lie back and relax as they bathe. The other end is straight up and down or "the snub end" and this is where the faucet of the tub is installed. A bathtub wall-mount faucet is installed inside on the bathtub wall. Deckmount faucets are placed on top of the rim of the bathtub. Some classic clawfoot tubs are available with no faucet holes. These traditional clawfoot tub models require a freestanding faucet or a bathroom wall faucet depending upon where the in-home waterlines are located in the room. In the case of a bathroom wall faucet, the clawfoot tub is simply placed near the wall so the water will flow into the tub. The Tub Connection has wall shanks available which extend the faucet from the wall 2 or 6 inches. Additionally, 2 or 6-inch risers may be used to lift the deckmount faucet up on the tub rim in order to achieve the exact look desired. The drain hole of the Classic Clawfoot style tub is typically at the foot end of the tub, directly under the flow of water.

Like our other tubs, these classic clawfoot tubs may be customized. Most customization requests result in the tub being painted a specific color. Be sure to call to discuss customization requests.

Classic Clawfoot Finishes

The feet of the classic cast iron clawfoot tub may be customized. Most clawfeet requests are for chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. There are other colors which are available as well; glossy black, matte black, and white. Foot finish and plumbing finishes of chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze from The Tub Connection are perfectly matched. Notice that some clawfeet are a bit different in their appearance from others. The Tub Connection tub generally has one of three different foot styles: Ball and Claw, Imperial Ball and Claw, or Lion's Paw. Please note that the clawfeet shown with a bathtub are the only foot style available for that particular tub. Feet are not interchangeable.  A tub for two would work best with a double ended clawfoot tub, while a single slipper clawfoot tub is only for one person. A double ended slipper clawfoot tub may accommodate two if the tub is long and wide enough.

Elegant and beautiful, a classic clawfoot tub will enhance the beauty of your home.   Our classic Clawfoot Tubs are available in other styles as well, such as single and double slipper tubs. You will discover a number of sizes and styles to choose from. Feel free to call us at 877-795-5684. Receive Free Shipping on all orders within the Continental United States.

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