Legion is a leading manufacturer of Bathroom Vanities. Their numerous clever designs give you a variety of different options which are sure to enhance the look of your home. Each Legion bathroom vanity offers unique features which will receive many compliments. 

In this section, you will also discover a variety of styles. From classic vanity chests to contemporary and modern vanities, Legion has a very wide array of styles which will help you to create the look you have been searching for!

In our inventory, you will see we carry many different sizes of Legion Furniture bathroom vanities which range from very small to quite large. Single sink vanities are typically smaller while double sink vanities may be up to 72 inches or longer. 


A trend today is to have matching single sink vanities spaced a distance apart with each vanity having its own mirror. This is a way of achieving the functionality of having dual sinks and individual grooming space.

Vanity cabinets, countertops, and sinks are certainly used to make a statement in the bathroom and by virtue of its size and color, it can easily be the focal point of the room. Most cabinets are made of some type of wood. Some cabinets contain an amount of MDF, which is medium-density fiberboard. MDF is created with wood fibers combined with wax and a resin binder and then formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. An item made of MDF may look exactly like a solid wood but will typically need to be treated very carefully as it may not stand up to water splashes and slamming doors as well or as long as a solid wood item. 


One attribute to look for when shopping for a bathroom vanity is soft-closing or easy glide hinges. These are an upgrade that is often times included with the original purchase price of a vanity. Soft-closing hinges prevent cabinet doors and drawers from slamming shut. This is a benefit to the longevity of the wood and the hinges which hold the door in place. When wood slams against wood it can create chipping and cause the hardware on the doors and drawers to become loose over time. Also, banging around in any room is just annoying. Soft-closing hinges will generally be listed as a feature of the product if it is included or available. 

Often times, each vanity is available with different finishes such as white or espresso. Some vanities are sets which contain the cabinet, sink(s), mirror(s), faucet(s) and other hardware.


You will always be pleased with a vanity from Legion. The quality is high and the price is always reasonable. Call today to discuss your many options or to place an order, 877-795-5684.