Tub Wall Mount Lines

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Our tub wall supply lines are the perfect touch for your freestanding bathtub faucet. When a tub has faucet holes in the wall of the tub, just above the overflow hole,  this type of supply lines are required. These supply lines connect the house water lines to the bathtub faucet. The connection is at floor level. We have included decorative floor escutcheons to cover the connection between the two lines.

Shut off valves are a sign of quality plumbing. If for any reason, you should need to turn off the water to the tub, it can be done simply and quickly with the 1/4 turn levers. 

Our supply lines are made of heavy-duty brass and covered with a fine finish. High-quality finishes are; polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. Other finishes may be available via telephone request.

The slight curvature of the supply lines allows for a perfect union with the faucet stem. We have included installation PDFs for your convenience.

Because bathtub wall water supply lines are exposed plumbing and seen by anyone who comes into the bathroom, you will want them to be high quality and beautiful.

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