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Modern Whirlpool Jetted Tubs

A jetted tub means something very different from the jetted tubs of the past. When these tubs first became available for the home bathroom they were typically in the form of a gigantic garden tub that took up too much space in the bathroom and took too many gallons of water to fill. Many garden tubs were seldom used because of those factors.

Help Your Circulation with a Jetted Bathtub

Today, jetted bathtubs are attractive, therapeutic, often big enough for two, yet space saving and economical. Our jetted bathtubs are designed to be used.  Many of our whirlpool jetted tubs for sale have 6 or more types of massage modes available, they have multiple levels of jet pressure that have a gradual change of jet pressure from low to high in a loop for therapeutic massage. A pulsating option operates the jets a couple of seconds automatically on and off. Your circulation will be increased and health improved after every bath.

Modern Whirlpool Jetted Tubs

Older styles of jetted garden tubs would often begin to have a damp or moldy odor because water would get trapped in the jets, but our new modern jetted tubs are designed so that water is never left in the whirlpool jets or in the drain and this prevents the bacteria that causes odor. Your new whirlpool jetted tub will never stink. You will find that all of our jetted tubs will shoot water on your back and legs. We will provide photos and or diagrams showing you exactly where the jets are located on each tub so you can see how the water will be moved during the bath. A modern faucet will come with the tub and some units will have also have a hand held shower.

A Colored-Lighted Tub?

Some of our EAGO brand Whirlpool Bath Tubs come with a Colored Light-up glass panel on the exposed front side. Talk about high-tech and modern! These lighted tubs are cool, fun to have and not to mention healthy! These are definitely not the jetted tubs you may have experienced in the past!  If your master bath has space and you can use a big corner style jetted tub, then we can help you, too. But know this, this tub is nothing like the big garden tubs you may have had in the past. These tubs are filled with cool effects like built-in stereo, side and bottom jets, a handheld shower and an inline heater.

Free Call For Information

As you review the pages of our online magazine you will likely have lots of questions about the jetted tubs and their functionality. You can give us a call here at The Tub Connection 877-795-5684 and we will answer all of your questions. If you have a complex question we will do our best to get answers for you ASAP. Each of our customers is important to us and we will treat you kindly and with respect.

Call today and place your order with our friendly staff. Once your order is placed it will be a very short time before you are soaking in your therapeutic jetted tub. We have many, many styles of tubs; clawfoot, pedestal, acrylic, cast iron, copper, and marble. You will find exactly what you want.
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