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Our collection of classic, modern, and vintage style faucets, hardware, and accessories, are sure to make a wonderful new improvement to your already existing features. 


Chose the type of Faucet and Hardware you need for your bathtub. The Classic British Telephone and English Gooseneck Faucets are timeless designs of faucets which are beautiful accessories for any vintage or modern bathtub.  Bathroom Wall Faucets are to connect to in-home water lines in the bathroom wall. Freestanding tub fillers mount in the floor next to the tub. Choose from a variety of designs styles and discover the ideal  Faucet for your bathroom.


Single Stem Faucets are for vanities which have one pre-cut hole in the countertop near the sink. The single stem faucet has cold and hot water supply lines inside the fixture's shaft which connect the home water lines in the bathroom. The Center Set Faucet, with spout and 2 handles, is mounted on a countertop with 3 holes cut behind the sink. The entire faucet is set on an ornamental base. Each handle is attached to the home water line. The Widespread 3 Hole Faucet is three separate pieces which fit into 3 precut holes on the countertop and all the plumbing lines are below the countertop. The home water lines connect to the hot and cold supply lines of the faucet which directs the water to stream right into the spigot.


Our shower heads vary in dimension from 8" to 20" as well as are offered in Stainless-Steel, Brushed Stainless-Steel, Brushed Nickel as well as Polished Nickel. We also have the ceiling shower arms essential for setup. Many shower styles have handheld showers, sliding rail shower heads and also shower wands.

Shower towers are available in stainless steel, white and black. Installing a steam shower will allow you to have a therapeutic shower in your own home. We also have a steam shower with a whirlpool tub combination and we have standing steam showers with a number of massage therapy jets, aromatherapy, sauna and a tower.

Be sure to give us a call at 877-795-5684. We will respond to any questions you might have regarding our bathroom products and we will take your order right over the telephone.