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Freestanding Bathtubs: 65" - 70"


We are confident that our choice of soaking tubs that are 65-70 inches is larger compared to what you may have seen elsewhere. We have hand selected our tubs and placed them right into the 65" to 70" category for your shopping convenience. You will see that our tubs are gorgeous, functional and at least one of them is made just for you!. is your "first stop shop" for vintage and modern or traditional bathtub designs.  A stroll through our online magazine will show you that The Tub Connection can deliver Affordable Elegance to your home.

We have everything imaginable at your fingertips on the web pages of our online magazine. As you look at the different styles of bathtubs, you will certainly see that we have actually divided them into groups by size in order to make it easy for you to make your choice. 

We Have Tubs 30 Inches to 72 Inches

There are many bathtubs in numerous dimensions from big to bigger. As you consider the Bathtubs by Size, one point you will certainly observe is that each size classification will always consist of cast iron, acrylic, copper, wood and stone tubs. Sometimes we don't know what we want until we see it so we have not limited your view to just one kind of tub when you view our tubs by size. Perhaps you didn't know we have tubs of stone or wood and once you see it you just have to have it!  Take a look and let your eyes enjoy our "eye candy."

Not all bathrooms are created equal regarding size, but they can be equal in style and function. It doesn't matter to us if your room is small or large, we have a tub that will fit into it. Our 65 - 70 inch tubs are great for two people. For this size of a bathtub, the minimum width should be 30 inches and some are up to 34 inches wide. A tub for two people will always be one of the following styles: double slipper tub and dual-ended. A single slipper and rolled rim tub will always accommodate only one person even if they are a very long tub. A single slipper has only one end that is raised so a person can recline, while a double slipper is raised on both ends. And likewise, a dual-ended tub is the same on both ends so two people can rest their back on the tub and an "old fashioned" rolled rim tub only has one end that is elongated for just the one person bathing.

And once again, our choice of bathtubs varying from 65 inches to 70 inches is bigger compared to numerous business have; which is due to the fact that we know every homeowner has different needs based after the bathroom in their own home. Among our selection of clawfoot, and freestanding tubs you will certainly find a sizable variety of styles. We have tubs in unique shapes such as hexagon, rectangle, oval, circular shape. You wish to make the very best use of your room space and we want to be the bathtub company you choose to assist with the furnishing of that room.

If your home requires a  59-64 inch tub or a larger 71+ inch tub, we can help you.

We Offer Affordable Elegance

The Tub Connection takes customer service very seriously. We are making every effort to make your purchasing experience much easier than anywhere else, so pick a size category and start your search! Not only do we offer "Affordable Elegance, but" we also supply a much better purchasing experience! You may see similar tubs on other sites, but we will always have the best price. When you purchase a tub from us, there are no sales taxes* or additional shipping fees. The price you see on our site is always the price you pay. Top quality and low prices are what you can expect from The Tub Connection.

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Call us at 877.795.5684 today.  We want to make sure that we respond to all of your questions and walk with you while placing your order If you are able and would like to, do not hesitate to use our Cart to place your order online.  Within just a few days you will be notified that your tub has shipped and what the expected arrival date. Here at The Tub Connection, we are happy to supply a bathtub to suit your family's home and budget.

*Sales Tax applies to orders delivered in Missouri.

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