Single Stem Faucets

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Single stem bathroom faucets are for vanities which have one pre-cut hole in the countertop.Inside the faucet's shaft are hot & cold supply lines which connect to the house water lines coming from the bathroom wall or bathroom floor. A single stem style permits one-handed operation. With one hand adjust the small lever on top of the faucet to the left for hot and to the right for cold water. The bar in a level and centered position on the top base of the faucet is the off position.


The CENTERSET 2-Hand Faucet with spigot and 2 handles is to be set up on a vanity countertop with three openings cut into the countertop. The entire faucet system as a unit is set on an attractive base. Each handle has a supply line attached to a water line from your home. The hot water line is located on the left and the cold water on the right. When either or both handles are in the "on position" the water is allowed to move into the spout. The WIDESPREAD 2 Handle style fits into the three holes on the countertop and all the plumbing is underneath the countertop. The house water lines connect to the "hot and cold" sides of the faucet stem. Each piece sits independently in one of the three holes.


Nearly all of our faucets for vanities are available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and  Oil Rubbed Bronze. Read the details regarding each faucet design to see if it will fit your specific situation. You may need to acquire an adapter to attach your house water lines with the vanity water lines. While we do not offer or advise any specific kind of brand names of adapters, please check with your local plumber, Home Depot or Lowes for more information.

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