Cast Iron Pedestal Tubs

Cast Iron Pedestal Tubs


Cast-Iron Pedestal or Freestanding Tubs

Cast-Iron Pedestal or Freestanding Tubs are lovely.  Made the old-fashioned way, these bathtubs are crafted in a mold of hot cast iron. Once the iron is cooled in the mold in the desired shape, it will last a lifetime. We have a large inventory of tubs to choose from which will add value to any home. Our cast iron pedestal tubs are available in a range of dimensions, which will allow you to identify the one which is best for your space. Because our tubs are freestanding, they can be placed anywhere in the room, you are only limited by your imagination and decorating style.

Throughout the years the styles for bathtubs have changed. There are many contemporary designs, shapes, and sizes in the market today. Many homeowners have decided the timeless cast iron Pedestal Freestanding bathtubs are the only style for their home. Our designer freestanding bathtubs are elegant and add charm and elegance to the room.  

Pedestal Freestanding Design

Cast iron and Acrylic Pedestal Tubs are available in design styles which are appealing to different types of bathrooms. The first design is called a rolled rim. These tubs are level all the way around with no rise on either end. One end of the bathtub has a smooth, sloped-out end so the person bathing can lie back to relax. The other end of the tub is where the drain hole is located and where the faucet will be mounted. It is not a common site to see a rolled rim tub with a pedestal base, however, you can find one here.

Being aware of the available space in the bathroom and the positioning of the in-home water supply lines will help you to decide which of these faucet styles will function best for your home. If you have room for a tub, then we have a tub for you. 

A popular bathtub design is called double ended pedestal tub. With this style, both ends of the bathtub are created to allow a person to recline at either end of the tub. They may have the same classic rolled rim, but with this style, the faucet is placed in the middle of the bathtub. Once again, you may pick a faucet which is installed on the rim or choose a freestanding or bathroom wall faucet. You can search our site and find the perfect faucet for your tub. We keep in stock the English Telephone Gooseneck and the Classic British Telephone Faucets. We also have Roman Tub fillers that fit the mood of our elegant tubs.

The most popular bathtub design is the Slipper Pedestal Tub. The Single Slipper Pedestal tubs are unequaled in the bathtub industry. This style allows one to receive back and head support while relaxing during the bath. Slipper tubs are readily available in a variety of sizes. Like the rolled rim tubs, one end of a single slipper is where the faucet is installed and faucets are installed in the center of the rim for a double slipper tub. 

The final style of cast iron tub we provide is the Double Slipper Cast Iron Tub. These tubs are quite beautiful and frequently, big enough to accommodate two people at the same time. The double-ended pedestal bathtub requires that the faucet is put in the middle of the tub on the side. The drain for the tub will be found in the center and possibly to one side slightly. Dual slippers are identified by both ends sweeping up. The higher the slipper ends the more glamorous the tub looks. When you get a tub that is longer and wider it is perfect for you and your special someone to share a bubble bath. 

If vintage is not your style our selection of modern freestanding tubs will appeal to you. You will see slipper and double-ended styles with a more contemporary feel

Another great thing about these cast iron tubs is that when they heat up with hot water,  they maintain the heat for a quite a long while. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain when you purchase a specialty designer tub for your home. We call it "Affordable Elegance".

If you have been looking for a designer tub at your local big box hardware or furniture store, it is most likely you have been disappointed. We have a gigantic inventory of tubs, in stock, that will ship within days after your order is placed. Our goal and our motto are that we will always give you the option of "Affordable Elegance".

For more information on any of the bathtubs you see on our site, give us a call toll-free at 877-795-5684.