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67 inch Oval Free Standing Acrylic Tub - DSA67-421

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If Modern is what you are looking for, look no more.

Please Call For Availability, 877-795-5684.

You will adore it! Our timeless 67" free standing acrylic bathtubs offer the very deepest water level and are as a result extremely beneficial. You will have the opportunity to lay back and de-stress. Not only are our deep hot water acrylic bathtubs beneficial, but they are stunning.

Our tubs provide an exterior surface that can be embellished with paint and this is a superb choice for all those desiring a freestanding design bathtub that will truly crown any kind of bathroom.

Tub Features:

  • Item: Acrylic Bathtub
  • Color: White
  • Oval Shape
  • Dual Ended
  • Pedestal 
  • Tub Weight: 88 pounds
  • Water Capacity: 55 Gallons
  • Water Depth: 17-1/2" (to the rim)
  • Faucet Configurations: No rim holes
  • The bathtub has a one (1) year warranty on the acrylic and exterior hand-painted finish

*Custom Designed Tubs

-- Tubs that are painted a singular color are going to be on the loading dock for shipment in just 3 to 4 full weeks after being hand-painted. The color is actually custom-mixed by our supplier. It will take approximately one week to receive the color once our team places the order ...... As soon as possible after the bathtub is bought and the buyer has stated their desire with regard to a custom painted bathtub, the client will need to send an email to our client service department to give the paint code for the preferred custom paint-color. We prefer you only choose Sherwin Williams paint swatches and that will accelerate the process up a little.

-- Individualized bathtubs that require more than one single paint color to manufacture may require up to 6 weeks to ship out because of the workmanship called for in order to accommodate the request; good examples of this will be a Patina or Copper Bronze finish or a Zebra stripped tub. Production shall begin after an e-mail is received in our office from purchaser to confirm color option information; which was given as the request was made.

-- Customized Tiled Bath Tubs (Tiled, Crinkled Copper ) may well require 4 to 6 full weeks to ship once the tile has been is received in our application department from our dealer. Tile will be obtained as soon as an email is gotten from the customer confirming color option details; that was provided at the time the request was placed.

In case you are in a real time crunch, paying an added $150 we will advance your request on to the beginning of our tub customization line. Please keep in mind that this charge is to fast track the personalization for the tub exclusively. This particular expense does NOT pay for the fee for expedited shipping of the tub or any necessary materials. This can reduce the time in order to apply the tub design by approx 1/2. Because of the varying time restraints pertaining to customizing a bath tub, we are not able to promise exact dates or time.

*To learn more call 877.795.5684

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A lovely acrylic or cast iron Free standing claw or pedestal type bath tub is among the most striking & distinct bathtub types that you can pick from. Despite the overall size of your bath room, We, at The Tub Connection have the ideal frees standing tub for your condo or apartment. The Tub Connection provides Affordable Elegance to exquisite properties all around the world. Soaking in a bath habitually is a relaxing method to reduce pressure and anxieties and increases rest and recovery. Any of these deep bath tubs beneficial for your body, these tubs are extremely exquisite in the home.

You could choose from soaker tubs that includes an option of associated options that helps to create the design plan you desire from your bathroom.


Very similar in look to the rolled rim tubs, a Dual-ended bath tub is also even in height from one end to the other. In contrast to a rolled rim, however, the faucet is not intended to be positioned on someone end of the bath tub. Alternatively, it will be positioned in the middle of the bath tub. Unlike a rolled rim tub, Dual ended tubs allow for a person to recline while they bathe.


The first design you will discover on our web site is the traditional rolled-rim free standing bathtub style. Rolled-rim bathtubs have been available for over one hundred years. One end of the bath tub is created for the faucet. The faucet might be mounted on the rim of the bath tub. A few models permit for the faucet to be mounted on the inside wall of the tub. We offer both types. The wall positioned faucets are only offered in cast iron tubs. The other end of the bathtub is inclined. This end enables an individual to recline and loosen up as they wash.

A couple of the additional points you need to keep in mind in addition to style, is the length and depth of any bath tub to make sure it fills the allowed area suitably and to verify that you are able to stretch your legs out in the tub comfortably.

The clawfeet on the Victoria clawfoot tub are an additional way of adding the final touch to your overall bathroom design. They can be found in a variety of colors and a variety of shapes, such as; Ball feet, Ball and Claw, Lion's Paw, Imperial & Monarch Feet. Each foot design features a distinctive distinct appearance and variations will occur within each.

Free Standing Tub Faucet Options:

Soaking tub faucets may be mounted in the following ways:

--Bathtub Deck Mount Faucets: A deck mount faucet is installed on the rim of the tub, which is called the "deck".
-Bathtub Wall Mount Faucets: The faucet is placed in the walls of the bath tub.
--Wall Mount Faucets: No holes are drilled in the bath tub itself; the faucet is placed in the wall of your bathroom.
--Freestanding Faucets: The faucet is set up on a stand and is not attached to the soaking tub or the bathroom wall. Each of these tub faucets is offered with a number of different finishes: Polished Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel, with more choices available upon request.

If you purchase any one of our clawfoot tubs and faucet packages definitely will add grace and wealth in your home.

 *To Learn More Call 877-795-5684

Keep Your Acrylic Tub Clean:
Listed here is the best way you should maintain your brand-new acrylic tub. Add some tepid water in to the tub and add some dish soap to the water, about 3 or 4 squirts. Work with a soft rag to clean the tub down. Drain water and flush the entire tub to eliminate all the residual from the soap.

An additional product that works well cleaning an acrylic tub is Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner with Oxi Clean. This product seriously gets the job done. Splash the tub with water, spray the Kaboom all over the tub. You are going to see that the Kaboom is purple. When the tub is spotless, the Kaboom is going to be white. As soon as the Kaboom is white clean it with a soft cloth and always rinse it well.

Cleaning your tub will certainly be best if you wash it routinely. Using a non-abrasive cleaning product is best, as an abrasive cleaner like Comet can literally damage your tub.